Toquerville Falls

Toquerville Falls is an oasis in the desert that is best found by SxS or ATV. The road is rough for the first couple of miles, but well worth the trip.  The views are spectacular on the drive, and the waterfalls are great to look at and play in. The area is clean and great for families. You won’t be sorry you made the trip!

Coral Sand Adventures is 20 minutes to the start of the trail head to get to the falls. They take about 1.5 hours to get to and 1.5 hours to get back leaving you just the right amount of time to enjoy the beautiful falls and take thousands of pictures along the way.


The tour will include enough UTVs to fit your party's size.  Each Individual is an additional $50 fee.

The sand dunes are one of the best destinations for ATV / OTV activities. Drive side by side with an experienced tour guide to explore the local favorite dune climbing spots and hidden dinosaur tracks.

The red sand dunes are an amazing backdrop to the Sand Hollow reservoir.

The tour takes approximately 4 hours. Cold drinks are provided.

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