Polaris RZR Riding

Polaris RZR Riding

Polaris had its share of groundbreaking innovations in the ATV & Side by Side world, but every so often they'll steer the sport in an entirely new direction. Their usage of the CVT transmission finally became the norm for utility ATVs, the first Ranger versions broke open a completely different section of the sport with seats for two, great off-road capacity, and hardworking attributes, and also that the RZR lineup kicked open that the door to high-performance. RZR History - Before the Polaris RZR 800 came together, there really wasn't any Side by Side devoted to high-performance

Polaris RZR Engine

Creative aftermarket shops were doing a great job of changing what was accessible from Polaris, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, and also Kawasaki, but these profits were based on a pragmatic chassis platform. Every previous unit had an engine designed more, a motor made more for low end towing and operate errands compared to high speed performance, and also a large, rear dump box which has been great for hauling everything from bales to cinder blocks. That changed one day in that the Arizona desert once the planet got a first glance at the earth breaking RZR 800.  



Polaris RZR Performance

No other maker had anything near the RZR. Polaris had a large advantage from the high-performance, but they shifted up a different gear when they published another variation of the RZR system with the RZR-S 800. The S model came together with long travel suspension, fantastic shocks, more power, and also an aggressive stance which left no doubt what it was intended for. Lastly, from January of 2011, Polaris again charged well to the lead with the RZR-XP 900 that was a whole new model from the ground up. The original RZR had kicked off a brand new section to the sport that proceeds to accelerate upward together with ever more capable versions. 

Not everybody plans to conquer vast expanses of barren desert, however, and also there has been room in the lineup for a different member of the RZR family. Lately, we got to test that the little brother to that the original RZR 800, not in that the open spaces of that the western desert, but in that the tight trees of a Northern forest, right up that the coast of Lake Superior.

Years of racing had led us to think too much power was just enough. That's not true for everyone, however, and the most popular RZR is still the 800. Plainly functionality, like beauty, is in that the eye of that the beholder, or in this case, that the individual together with their foot on the pedal and hands on the wheel.