Traveling with a large group and renting powersports! 5 Points to expect before you go play!

Plan for the best, expect the worst!

  • Tiny disasters will happen. It is a matter of how you handle them that makes all the difference in the world. If you work with the companies that are renting versus not being flexible at all, your life, and the life of all involved will be much better.
  • Confirmations of rental reservations will help cut down any scheduling issues. Make sure to call ahead to 1st make the reservation, 2nd a week before confirming, and lastly the day prior to going out ask all remaining questions as well as one last confirmation. This will ensure you will just show up, check out, and go have a blast.
  • Don’t be that group that goes somewhere amazing and then sees something they think would be amazing and fun, only to find out that it been sold out for months. Plan ahead.
  • Keep in mind that the insurance you purchase usually covers the machine for the company and not yourself. Damages are still billed to the customer for their negligence while operating the rental. So that wonderful statement of “drive it like you stole it or drive it like it’s a rental” does not usually apply to powersports.
  • When sand dunes are in play, plan on getting stuck and doing a little digging.

Not everyone will have fun or get to drive!

  • Be aware that rental companies do charge a premium if they operate near a major attraction like National Parks and State Parks. This will usually make it not very cost effective for everyone to get a machine of their own.
  • Young adults might feel they get ripped off with not being able to drive, however consider the financial consequences of their lack of experience.
  • Insurance companies usually put an age limitation on rentals so make sure to ask.

Bring cash for tipping!

  • The tourist and travel industry requires the generosity of those going on vacation to help pay their bills. Remember they are the locals with all the knowledge.
  • Tipping tour guides has been a staple with rental companies. They make sure that you are safe and taken care of while in areas you have never seen before. They will also have the information to give you great back stories of the areas you are going to see. Make sure to return the favor with a little cash on hand for them. A tour guide who has been taken care of will go out of his/her way to show you even the spots they don’t normally show others. You know the locals only spots! 

Be Democratic and Vote!

  • Communication and Diplomacy are key to help you have fun. We all have that one person in the group that loves a good list and itinerary. That planner who thinks of everything. They are your biggest ally and your biggest pain in the ass on the trip. So like it or not communication is key.
  • Make sure to vote and go with the masses of what people want to see and do.
  • Lastly realize that you can’t please everyone.

Disconnect from Technology and Have fun!

  • It is imperative to disconnect from all electronics while on vacation. Personal experience has told me that if you do this then you will have 24 hours of hell with the kids but eventually, they will lift their heads out of their phones and start looking at their surroundings.
  • This is also super important for adults to disconnect from work and be present in the moment. When out on the trails or at the lake if you are focused on work or emails then you will miss out on some of the most beautiful scenery on earth.
  • Most importantly on the whole vacation HAVE FUN!